Monday, 22 February 2016

Jackalyn Rainosek - Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Face

Jackalyn Rainosek is an entrepreneur and a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®. Over the course of her career, she has launched several new ideas. She has been in business for 42 years and has helped train many people in varied types of organizations in becoming better leaders.

Starting a new business is not an easy task, and the road to success has several obstacles that entrepreneurs have to overcome. Here are a couple of common challenges entrepreneurs’ faces in their quest for success.


If you are to succeed in any business venture, you will need to have self-confidence. Succeeding in business requires you to be determined and resilient when things do not go the way you planned it. You will have to believe in yourself before you can expect your team to be self-confident. When others don’t share your vision and determination, you will need to be steadfast and remain self-confident that you can do it.

Taking “No” for an Answer

As an entrepreneur, you will need to work through negative situations, and you will have to know how to take “no” for an answer. When you share your ideas with others, you might not get the answer you were expecting. Instead you might receive a negative reply. Sometimes hearing a “no” could actually be good for you. It could send you back to the drawing board to come up with new ideas and plans that will help your business succeed.

Hiring a Workforce

Take the time to choose who you want to work with you. Your team is an important part of your business, and they should be people of vision. They will need to be people who can take an idea and run with it. Don’t just hire people because you need a team, carefully go through potential applicants and choose the ones who have the ability to work as a team.

Jackalyn Rainosek has been in the business of personal growth and organizational development work, and has taught people how to overcome habitual patterns from preventing them from being effective leaders. She has consulted with new or established businesses, and provided unique ways to develop leadership in the team/s as well as established a learning environment that encourages ongoing professional development of all the personnel, who are a part of the business.

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