Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Jackalyn Rainosek: Plan to Break Food Addiction

Top of the line creator Kay Sheppard is an authorized psychological well-being advisor who has practical experience in recuperation from nourishment enslavement. With her books Food Addiction: The Body Knows and From the First Bite, Sheppard offers guidance for those making a course for recuperation from sustenance dependence. DTP-Leadership Group in Houston, co-claimed by Jackalyn Rainosek, offers a course entitled "Making Friends with Food" that incorporates the work of Kay Sheppard to give another and sound method for drawing nearer nourishment.

DTP-Leadership's "Making Friends With Food" course concentrates on figuring out how the sustenances we eat specifically influence both our physical and mental prosperity. Through the course, members will figure out how to control unfortunate eating designs and make agreement with sustenance for a lifetime of adhering to a good diet.

One member in the system, a non-benefit official who was a previous sustenance major, rolled out significant improvements in association with nourishment in the wake of taking the course, "The Food and Health workshop demonstrated to me the addictive examples I had created with sustenance. Since finishing the course, I have come to and kept up a solid weight, no more have emotional episodes or uneasiness. I have additionally re-built up an activity program that adds to my general prosperity."

Through the course, members figure out how to set up a solid nourishment arrangement, make another method for eating and identifying with sustenance, and build up a comprehension of the impacts of specific fixings and nourishments on their body.

Jackalyn Rainosek is a business visionary with more than 42 years of experience. She has been peopling to enhance their lives all through her vocation with directing and administration programs.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Jackalyn Rainosek: DTP-Leadership Group Presents the Leadership Challenge

One of the signature programs offered by Jackalyn Rainosek and Liz Cloud of DTP-Leadership is The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, a concept introduced by Barry Posner and James Kouzes in their bestselling book, The Leadership Challenge®.  

The course is centered around the belief that anyone can achieve success as a leader through collaborating in honest and competent relationships that motivate others.

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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD Teaches High Impact Leadership Skills

One of the many programs offered by Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD and the DTP-Leadership Group is the 5 Practices of High Impact Leadership class. This program provides guests the opportunity to learn to live up to their fullest potential through the leadership skills that provide the most impact. According to Rainosek and her fellow expert colleagues, anyone can be a successful leader if they live the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership.
The offered program is backed by decades of experience, and some of the world's top leadership experts. Each participant will learn the many skills that find our top business persons and entrepreneurs achieving true success. This includes lessons on building collaboration, teamwork, and trust, and learning to take necessary risks. Other concepts covered are identifying leadership strengths and weaknesses, clearly communicating your fundamental values, inspiring others through your own vision, and meting job related demands.
The program consists of a three-day workshop that teaches the principles of the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leaders. Participants also receive consultation with a Certified Master of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner’s work, The Leadership Challenge, all needed program materials, and a customized leadership plan. Leaders are not born knowing how to achieve extreme success, they are built. 
This program offers all of the tools and knowledge that will help participants build their own quality leadership. Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD believes that everyone can become a leader in their own right, and they need the right learning, experience and support to make it happen

Monday, 11 April 2016

Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD Helps Others Examine Their Habits

Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD employs her years of experience while giving the “Habits Friend or Foe?” workshop. As one of the many self-improvement services offered by DTP-Leadership Group, this program starts with a self-assessment of behavior, and ends with a new understanding of our daily choices. Too many people spend their days sabotaging themselves without even realizing it. This sabotage affects our personal lives, especially our relationships with family, and our entire professional potential.  

Rainosek teaches hundreds of people how to harness their innate energy and refocus it toward healthier, more productive pursuits. Through her teachings and the successful completion of the program, participants will develop the skills to reform their lives; financially, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. This is only possible through the destruction of the negative habits you have formed over the years. One of the best things about the work Dr. Rainosek does is  to reshape our lives is that the results can be seen immediately. Participants are much more excited to continue the program and their self-studies once they begin to witness the positive changes that are possible.

The goals of the program are lofty, yet completely attainable. Each participant should leave the program with the ability to identify their own true strengths and weaknesses, communicate better with family and friends, and commit to giving themselves a better life. These same participants will learn to harness their own energy and brain power to make positive changes, place their core values into action, and act with courage and commitment.

Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD and her team are offering this teleconference program in the spring. Each person who joins will have access to crucial materials and tools, and constant communication with one of the DTP-Leadership Group experts.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD - Tips For First-Time Business Owners

The first year or two of owning and operating a business are often the most difficult. Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD knows that most entrepreneurs will be tasked with working long hours to achieve the success they desire. To ensure that your business survives this difficult period of its life, keep all of the following in mind.

Always Understand Your Cash Flow

Your budget is going to be crucial at every stage of your company’s life, and it is vitally important that you fully understand your finances during the first few years. You need to know where every penny is going when it comes to expenses, in addition to being able to predict how your revenue streams will evolve over time. Never spend so much that you put yourself in a losing position before you have managed to get your business off the ground.


There is plenty of advice out there for business owners and not all of it can be found online. By attending networking events you open yourself up to the opportunity of meeting fellow business owners with whom you can establish relationships with. Many will be able to offer you plenty of insight into business in your local area, while others may offer you opportunities that help you grow the business.

Always Deliver

Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD notes that reputation building is vital to the first-time business person, so you should always aim to deliver on your promises. Don’t make big claims that you struggle to follow through on just to impress other business owners. Instead, understand your limitations and work within them.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD - Qualities An Entrepreneur Must Possess

Many people have big dreams about what they want to achieve in their professional lives, and only those who strive towards those goals and maintain their entrepreneurial spirit will achieve success. During the program of her 42-year career, Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD has worked with many budding entrepreneurs and has identified the following qualities that all of them possess.


The word “No” is one that you are likely to hear quite often as an entrepreneur, which is very disheartening at the best of times. However, it is important to understand that almost everybody who succeeds at something in life has been told they couldn’t do it at one point or another. This means that tenaciousness and commitment to the cause or qualities that an entrepreneur must possess.


You must understand that the way you think you should do things is not always going to be completely correct. Instead, keep your mind open to other ideas and always aim to learn something from everybody that you meet. A good entrepreneur will maintain a sense of flexibility in terms of the methods they use to achieve their goals, always keeping the main aim in mind and making use of what they learn to adapt in order to achieve it.

Long Term Thinking

Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD notes that every entrepreneur that she has seen become successful is able to see far beyond the immediate future. They will be able to see the potential in a product or service long before anybody else can, in addition to having the ability to foresee the effects that their decisions may have. 

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD - Qualities A Manager Must Possess

As an experienced business professional who has been helping others achieve their goals and become effective leaders for 42 years, Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD is quick to point out that successful managers have a number of traits that make them suitable for the role. The following are all qualities that you must possess in order to manage a business or team of people.


A good manager must be able to lead their team by using their own experiences and knowledge to help pave the way. Without knowledge of your product or industry, you will be unable to help those with less experience improve and may also find that some of your team members find it more difficult to respect you, thus making working with them more difficult.


Morale is extremely important in the workplace. If a team member notices that their manager seems unable to generate the required enthusiasm for a project, it is likely that they are going to suffer from the same issue and thus won’t provide the quality of work that they are capable of. You must approach every task or issue with positivity and enthusiasm.

A Good Listener

While being able to communicate effectively is crucial if you are to become a good manager, Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD points out that being able to listen to your team members is just as important. This allows you to build a personal bond with each team member and helps you to understand a little more about what drives them and the issues they face at the workplace.