Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD Teaches High Impact Leadership Skills

One of the many programs offered by Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD and the DTP-Leadership Group is the 5 Practices of High Impact Leadership class. This program provides guests the opportunity to learn to live up to their fullest potential through the leadership skills that provide the most impact. According to Rainosek and her fellow expert colleagues, anyone can be a successful leader if they live the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership.
The offered program is backed by decades of experience, and some of the world's top leadership experts. Each participant will learn the many skills that find our top business persons and entrepreneurs achieving true success. This includes lessons on building collaboration, teamwork, and trust, and learning to take necessary risks. Other concepts covered are identifying leadership strengths and weaknesses, clearly communicating your fundamental values, inspiring others through your own vision, and meting job related demands.
The program consists of a three-day workshop that teaches the principles of the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leaders. Participants also receive consultation with a Certified Master of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner’s work, The Leadership Challenge, all needed program materials, and a customized leadership plan. Leaders are not born knowing how to achieve extreme success, they are built. 
This program offers all of the tools and knowledge that will help participants build their own quality leadership. Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD believes that everyone can become a leader in their own right, and they need the right learning, experience and support to make it happen

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