Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD - Qualities An Entrepreneur Must Possess

Many people have big dreams about what they want to achieve in their professional lives, and only those who strive towards those goals and maintain their entrepreneurial spirit will achieve success. During the program of her 42-year career, Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD has worked with many budding entrepreneurs and has identified the following qualities that all of them possess.


The word “No” is one that you are likely to hear quite often as an entrepreneur, which is very disheartening at the best of times. However, it is important to understand that almost everybody who succeeds at something in life has been told they couldn’t do it at one point or another. This means that tenaciousness and commitment to the cause or qualities that an entrepreneur must possess.


You must understand that the way you think you should do things is not always going to be completely correct. Instead, keep your mind open to other ideas and always aim to learn something from everybody that you meet. A good entrepreneur will maintain a sense of flexibility in terms of the methods they use to achieve their goals, always keeping the main aim in mind and making use of what they learn to adapt in order to achieve it.

Long Term Thinking

Jackalyn Rainosek, PHD notes that every entrepreneur that she has seen become successful is able to see far beyond the immediate future. They will be able to see the potential in a product or service long before anybody else can, in addition to having the ability to foresee the effects that their decisions may have. 

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